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We guarantee hundred percent job placements for all the students who are a part of our Nursery Teacher Training programme.

Our Learner’s Castle kindergarten is under the process of up gradation with higher classes coming up soon. Not only this, our association with the other schools is an added advantage as any student after successfully completing Nursery Teacher Training programme will be entitled for hundred percent placement in schools in Delhi.

Courses are designed in a way to make you feel like a teacher while you are still in the learning phase. Theoretical lessons too are taught in the most practical and interesting way to make you garner all the qualities a good teacher should possess. This learning period will entail you to acquire skills that are required to become a good teacher.

All successful students will be duly rewarded and given due acknowledgement and appreciation for their hard work.

We at Learner’s Castle Nursery Teacher Training Academy extend our best wishes for your great and successful teaching career ahead.